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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

All items are made to order. Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping time. All shipping is done through USPS.

How will my product/order be packaged?

All bath bombs are packaged in compostable cellophane bags and soaps are either wrapped in tissue paper or in a compostable cellophane bag. 

In an effort to produce less waste, all shipping material, such as bubble wrap, air bags, packing paper, and even shipping boxes, is repurposed from supply orders that we receive. 

Some of my order arrived damaged, what do I do?

Sometimes products (usually bath bombs) may arrive broken or powdery and these damages usually happen during shipping. If any of your products arrive broken, please contact us at

(615) 495-7088 and we will replace the damaged items.

Why does my product look different than the one online? 

All products are made in small batches and by hand, so each batch will come out a little different than the previous one. Humidity can affect the curing time on soaps and bath bombs. Bath bombs may come out slightly textured or bumpy due to this. However, despite their different appearance, all the products will work just as they are supposed to.

I saw a product on social media but I don't see it one the website. How do I purchase that product?​

We are making new and exciting products in the shop everyday and sometimes they sell out before they make it to the website. If you see a product on our Facebook or Instagram that you wish to purchase, please give us a call at (615) 495-7088 and we can take your order over the phone. 

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